Budget Billing Program

To gain greater control of your budget, consider our Budget Billing Plan. Budget Billing averages your high and low bill months to even out your monthly budget, and you’ll know just what your payment will be each month. To be placed on the plan you need at least a 12-month billing history and your account must be paid in full.

So why switch?

  • No more wondering or guessing what your electric bill will be no surprises.
  • It’s easier to plan monthly expenses when you know your average budget payment amount.
  • If you will be out of town when your electric bill is due, you’ll know the amount to pay in advance.
  • No large fluctuations between winter and summer electric bills.
  • No big “catch-up month” each year.

You may switch back to the regular payment plan at any time just by calling Blachly Lane Electric Cooperative. Any balance due will be payable at that time; credits will be applied to future electric bills.

To sign up, call our office at (541) 688-8711 and ask to be placed on the Budget Billing Plan. You can also send us an email, please include your name and a good daytime phone number and a Blachly-Lane staff representative will contact you.