OSU Extension Service Fire Aware. Fire Prepared. Webinar series.


From our friends at the OSU Extension Service Fire Program:

Are you ready for the wildfire season? Summer of 2020 wildfire events impacted most
Oregonians and we learned that EVERYONE living in Oregon should be prepared for a wildfire
emergency. Every community is different though and it can be difficult to navigate all of the resources.

Oregon State University’s Forestry & Natural Resources Extension along with state and local agencies
and community partners, want to help Oregonians prepare for the reality of wildfire through greater
awareness and action. Visit the OSU Extension Fire Program Online Webinar
Guide at https://extension.oregonstate.edu/fire-program/online-webinar-guide

Interested in what Blachly-Lane is doing to mitigate wildfire hazards? See the July Ruralite article featuring Blachly-Lane’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.