Board of Directors to Appoint District 4 Member

District 4 Members! Are you interested in representing your district and serving the cooperative as a board member?

Map of Blachly-Lane service area districts

The Blachly-Lane Electric Co-op District 4 board position was vacated in late February, 2021, too late to follow the bylaw process for placing the position on the ballot for the 2021 election. The Cooperative’s bylaws allow the Board of Directors to appoint a member to this position until spring of 2022, at which time the position will be on the ballot. If the appointed member wishes to continue serving at that time, she or he will go through the traditional election process.

If you are interested in serving as the appointed District 4 board representative, please call the office at 541-688-8711. A Notice of Director Interest form will be sent you, which must be returned , by 5:30 p.m., May 6 ,2021.

To learn in which district you reside, refer to the map, or to your electric bill as shown.Blachly-Lane bill sample with district circled