Blachly-Lane Service Territory Update

As the official Red Flag Warning for our service territory resolved late Saturday evening, Blachly-Lane took a step-by-step approach to setting our system protection devices (reclosers) back to normal mode. In areas considered to be higher risk, reclosers were left in a moderately sensitive mode for a time, to provide more protection in those areas. As of Monday afternoon, improved conditions allowed our entire system to be set back to normal.

We’re happy to report that conditions in our service territory never required a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) and that there were no outages reported during this period. All operational decisions are always made very carefully, with the best information available and the best overall outcomes in mind, and we feel fortunate that this situation safely resolved.

We thank our members for their support and continue to encourage them to be ready for the next time. Be sure to check out the great Fire Program resources available from our friends at the OSU Extension Service. Interested in our Wildfire Mitigation Plan? See that and other preparedness information on our Outage Preparedness page.

Our Mission: Blachly-Lane provides safe, reliable electric services for our consumer-members.