Blachly-Lane Electric’s New Residential Rate Structure and New Bill Look

The New Rate

For the past 10 years, Blachly-Lane’s financial forecast has outlined a 2.5% annual rate increase for all rate classes combined. However, the increase for 2023 is being held at 1.75% across all rate classes. Residential and small commercial classes will only see a 0.82% increase, leaving more money in the pockets of members than planned.

New Rate Structure

One of two major changes to the bill is a tiered energy rate. The first 2,000 kWh of residential consumption will be charged at the current rate of $0.1048 per kWh. Use over 2,000 kWh will be charged at a rate of $0.1102, or about a half cent per kWh more. Members with usage at or below 2,000 kWh will not see any increase in their bills.

The tiered rate structure more closely mirrors the way Blachly- Lane is charged for power from its supplier. It also encourages energy conservation.

The second rate structure change reduces the cost to members with multiple meters. Many of our members have two or more meters at the same property and have paid the full electric system charge on each meter. That changes now.

Beginning April 1, the residential and small commercial electric system charge will be broken into two parts: the Distribution Capacity Charge of $37.50 for a one-phase residential service and a Distribution Services Charge of $17.08.

For the first or only meter on a property, these two charges will total only 8 cents more than members are currently paying. Members with more than one meter will only pay the $37.50 charge on each meter, saving the $17.08 per month distribution services charge on subsequent meters each month.

These rate changes result in no rate increase to Blachly-Lane’s average residential member and, in some cases of multiple meters, will save members money. Small commercial rates also saves money for members with multiple meters.

New Bill Look

Coincidental to the new rate and rate structure with the April billing, National Information Solutions Cooperative is changing the look of the bill members receive every month. See below for a handy guide to your new bill.

How to Read Your Bill

Interested in a year over year rates comparison? Please see a digital version of our May bill insert.