2022 Board Election Clarifications

Some Blachly-Lane members have questioned the fact that the District 4 director position is not to be voted on in the May 2022 election. This is the reason why:

Leading up to the December board meeting, the cooperative’s attorney advised the board that Blachly-Lane’s bylaws (our governing documents) conflict with Oregon statutes regarding directors’ terms. The board instructed a draft bylaw amendment to be prepared to bring the bylaws into compliance with relevant state laws and asked the cooperative to suspend placing the District 4 position on annual election notices until the board had a chance to be briefed directly by the attorney.

The cooperative’s attorney was to present the prepared the proposed bylaw amendment and additional information to the board along with his recommendation at the December 2021 board meeting, which was cancelled.

As of today (January 5, 2022) the board has received the memo by email but has not yet been briefed by the attorney on this matter and no decision has been made by the board. Pending direction from the board, it is premature to offer the details of the proposed bylaw amendment.

The co-op’s attorney will brief the board on this matter at the board meeting scheduled for January 25, 2022, at which time the information will be communicated to the membership.