What kinds of things does a board member do?

Blachly-Lane’s bylaws Articles III and IV outline the duties and responsibilities of the board of directors. Board members as individuals:

  • Become familiar with the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the cooperative and conduct the business in accordance with their provisions.
  • Attend regular and special meetings of the board.
  • Understand the terms of all contracts into which the co-op has entered by the authority of the board — leases, loan agreements, membership and marketing agreements, supply and other contracts.
  • Are familiar with the state law under which the cooperative was incorporated.
  • Understand the general legal responsibility of serving on the board of directors.
  • Are responsive to innovative ideas and changes that are in the best interest of the membership at large.
  • Commit to participate in training programs to better understand the cooperative’s operations and the director’s role in it.