Renewable Energy

Green power is electricity generated by using a renewable resource, such as solar, wind, and even decomposing garbage in landfills. Blachly-Lane Electric Co-op is one of a dozen electric cooperatives who joined forces to build Coffin Butte Resource Project, a Green Power generation facility near Corvallis, Oregon.

How It Works

An outdoor energy substation project near a group of trees
Coffin Butte Resource Project

Biomass in the landfill creates methane gas as it decomposes, and that gas is used to fuel large Caterpillar engines that drive generators producing over 5 megawatts of electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The electricity — which serves approximately 4,000 homes — is equal to that created with 24,000 tons of coal each year. Obviously, methane gas is much more friendly to the environment than coal, and burning the gas keeps it from adding noxious emissions into the atmosphere.

Help Support the Expansion Project

The Coffin Butte generating plant will continue expanding and here is your opportunity to help support this expansion. Blachly-Lane helps fund current operations, but the cost of generating this type of clean power is slightly higher than market costs. Blachly-Lane members have the opportunity to subscribe to a fixed number of kilowatt-hours, in blocks of 100 or 1000, at a monthly cost of $2.00 per 100 kWh, or $15.00 per 1000kWh. In addition to your normal monthly electricity bill, you will see a separate line item charge for “Green Power” on your statement. How much is strictly up to you as it depends on how many blocks of 100 or 1000 kWh you wish to support. If you are not currently a green power supporter, here is an opportunity to sign up and help support Blachly-Lane’s investment in the Coffin Butte expansion.

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Net metering is available to Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative members who own and operate a facility that generates electricity from a renewable source such as hydro, wind, and/or solar. Solar systems are the most common type of homeowner installed renewable power source. Net Metering facilities are intended to offset or meet all of your own electrical requirements.

How it Works

Net Metering measures the difference between the electricity you buy from Blachly-Lane and the electricity you generate using your renewable generating equipment. If the facility generates more electricity than you use, Blachly-Lane credits you its avoided costs for wholesale electric power, as found in the Avoided Costs Rate Schedule. You can find the most recent Avoided Costs Rate Schedule in the Resources section of the Electric Rates page.