Window & Door Rebate

Before Installation

An audit and prior approval are required. Call (888) 883-9879 to schedule the audit.

All energy-efficient upgrades must be installed according to Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative (BLEC) specifications.

Window & Exterior Door Upgrade

  • After the audit, you can upgrade the windows in your home or hire a contractor to do the work.
  • Windows can be replaced all at once, individually, or a few at a time.
  • Each new window will have an NFRC sticker attached to the glass. Carefully remove all stickers and make a copy of each sticker. Retain originals for your records. You may also submit a window order confirmation verifying the 0.30 U-factor or lower and measurements of the windows replaced.
  • Windows must be completely sealed, primed, caulked, and trimmed at the time of the final inspection.
  • Each new exterior door must be ENERGY STAR® rated and may have an NFRC sticker attached to the door verifying that it is ENERGY STAR® rated. Remove the sticker and make a copy of one sticker per door replaced. Retain the original sticker(s) for your records. Verification that the door is ENERGY STAR® rated must be in the final paperwork. Exterior door must replace an un-insulated door that separates heated space from unheated space.

After Installation

Once the application is submitted, your project will be added to the final inspection list. A final inspection is required to process the rebate.

After you have submitted the application, you may call (888) 883-9879 to verify that you will be on the schedule.

Rebate Guidelines

Work must be completed within 6 months of the pre-approval date. If the work is not completed within 6 months, the customer must reapply for the rebate(s). There is no guarantee that funds will be available after the 6-month preapproval date or that the incentive amount will remain the same.

Window Rebate

Rebates are for replacement windows only. Windows not inside the electrically-heated area of the home, such as garages or workshops, are not eligible for the rebate(s).

U-Factor Rebate Amount
0.32 or Lower $6 per square foot of replacement windows
0.22 or Lower $8 per square foot of replacement windows

Insulated Exterior Door Rebate

Energy Star® qualified door must be pre-hung, include replacement of the threshold and replace an un-insulated exterior door. Exterior doors must separate heated and unheated space.

Existing Door Replacement Door Rebate Amount
Not Insulated Insulated $40

Window & Door Rebate Form

Fill out the form online below, or print and fill out the Window and Door Rebate Form (PDF) and send back to us.