Heat Pump & PTCS Duct Seal Rebate

To be eligible for the Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) Heat Pump or PTCS Duct Seal rebate, the application must be pre-approved by Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative (BLEC) prior to installation.

Project Pre-Approval

The HVAC with PTCS rebate application is available from your participating contractor. Please call us at (888) 883-9879 or email us for more information.

Upon receipt of the pre-approval from BLEC, you may begin the project. The project must be completed in six months.

If the work is not completed within six months of the pre-approval, the member or contractor must reapply for rebates. There is no guarantee that funds will be available after the six-month approval or that the incentive rebate amount will remain the same.


After installation, the contractor will submit all required documents to us. The PTCS heat pump and/or PTCS duct seal must be approved in the PTCS registry before the rebate will be processed. A post-installation inspection may be required.

Required Documentation

  1. For PTCS Heat Pumps:
    • BLEC residential HVAC with PTCS rebate application
    • Heat load calculations (manual J0 and the Balance Point Worksheet or the PTCS system sizing calculator
    • PTCS Heat Pump Form
    • PTCS Heat Pump registry approval
    • PTCS commission and controls can not be combined with any other heat pump measure
    • Final invoice
  2. For PTCS duct seals:
    • BLEC residential HVAC with PTCS rebate application
    • PTCS duct seal form
    • PTCS duct seal registry approval
    • Final invoice

You can expect to receive your rebate 8 to 10 weeks after the receipt of all required final documentation.