OUTAGE Message from the GM, Greg Gardner

We have a number of our members who are experiencing prolonged power outages as a result of the winter snow storm that has struck our region. Our crews have been working since early Sunday morning and are now joined by crews from our neighboring utility companies; Central Lincoln PUD and Lane Electric Coop, both of which we are grateful to have been able to reach out to for help. We know some members are concerned and experiencing difficulties because of these outages. That fact is never lost on any of us here at your electric cooperative, as some of our employees are members who are out of power as well. If you have called in an outage it has been entered into our database which is updated anytime an area is restored or another outage occurs. Once your power is restored our system can automatically call your listed number to confirm restoration if you have requested this. If you remain out of power and see others in your area have power it may be because the service line to your home is still down. Unfortunately service lines are the last to be restored during storm events. Never the less, we will remain in “storm response” mode until every single service has been repaired. If you have a friend or family member you know is out of power it is helpful for you to reach out to them as they may not have phone or internet access. Let them know we are working on restoration and will do our best to reach them as quickly and safely as possible. Thank you for your understanding and your support.