Board Members & Districts

Ernie Jackson

Ernie Jacksch, District 1
Phone: (541) 924-3466
Email Ernie Jacksch

Curtis Short

Curtis Short, District 2
Phone: (541) 998-2721
Email Curtis Short

Beverly Mattheisen

Beverly Mattheisen, District 3
Phone: (541) 998-3704
Email Beverly Mattheisen

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Mary Ann Rhodes, District 4
Phone: (541) 998-2630
Email Mary Ann Rhodes

Eric Imbler

Eric Imbler, District 5
Phone: (541) 954-1949
Email Eric Imbler


District MapBlachly-Lane’s service area of about 380 square miles in western Lane County has five districts. Our service area map (JPG) shows the approximate boundary lines for the districts. Each district is configured to have approximately the same number of members per district.

  • District 1: Low Pass, Blachly, Horton, Triangle Lake, Deadwood, Indian Creek
  • District 2: Fern Ridge: South Territorial Road, Butler and Lawrence Road
  • District 3: Junction City, Cheshire, North Territorial Road, Hwy 99 North
  • District 4: Hwy 36, Hall Road, North Poodle Creek Road
  • District 5: Walton, Hwy 126 West, Warthen Road, Sheffler Road, South Poodle Creek, Knight Road

Note: Districts are assigned by general location and account number to give equal member representation in each district. To determine the district in which a member resides, refer to your statement or contact the Blachly-Lane office at (541) 688-8711.