Board of Directors


Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative is governed by a five-member board. Each director is elected to serve a 3-year term. For more information about Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative’s board, refer to Article III in our Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws (PDF)

Our Directors Make a Difference

By Meghaan Evans

As an electric cooperative, Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative (BLEC) is guided by an elected Board of Directors who represent its members’ best interests when making important decisions. Being a member of the co-op’s board is an incredibly important position in our community. A director’s decisions will impact issues, such as service rates, rights of way, and work plans. This position holds great responsibility and requires men and women who understand their community’s needs and serve the cooperative members’ best interests.

It is important for us to elect strong directors to our Board. We must have a pool of strong candidates, which is why we encourage new members to run in our Board elections. Fresh ideas and new perspectives help us to enact policies that could potentially keep our community competitive. Not only do we need to encourage our friends and family to run for positions on the Board, but we also need to get out and vote for those individuals we think will act in the best interest of our co-op community.

Our Board is a democratically elected body nominated by members of the cooperative’s five districts and voted into position by any member who chooses to participate in the cooperative’s open election.

BLEC directors are elected for a three-year term and district elections are staggered so that different districts nominate director candidates each year. In accordance with BLEC bylaws, “the members residing in any district may nominate a candidate for a director to represent that district by filing a petition with the secretary at least 60 days before the date of the annual meeting, signed by at least 15 members of the cooperative residing in the district for which a director is to be elected.” Once a member has met the criteria to become a director candidate, the BLEC election is at large. This means that all BLEC members are entitled to vote for one candidate from each district that is participating in the annual election. Results are then tabulated and announced at the BLEC annual meeting.

Directors matter. Let’s make a difference together. Call (541) 688-8711 to receive more information on how to run for our Board of Directors and the election process.